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Your home is a place where you should always feel safe. Cleaning your home with chemicals found in household cleaners can do you more harm than good. With the rise of Asthma and other respiratory problem in the world today, One has to wonder if we are safe anywhere, mainly in our own home. How can cleaning without chemicals benefit us?

Read the bottle of your household cleaner.

Warnings… Danger

  • Poison Control phone number
  • Harmful if Swallowed
  • Keep out of Reach from Children
  • Harmful if Inhaled
  • Use in a Well Ventilated Area
  • Wear Rubber Gloves and Eye Protection

Is this trying to tell us something? We are being in contact with this in our own home. Cleaning? Looks more like we are making our own home Unsafe. Little children are exposed to this day in and day out. Are we harming them while trying to keep them safe.

How Safe Is Your Home?

Keeping our homes safe could be simple, if we know what to look for. The simple little things that you might take for granted could be what’s making you sick.

As Simple as the Air We Breathe

Does your home smell clean? Or does it smell like the chemicals you are cleaning with? It smells like Pine or Bleach, so it must be clean. Wrong! We breathe in those chemicals. And what does these chemicals do to our respiratory system? Some of these cleaners burn the inside of your lungs. The warning label reads: Keep area well ventilated! Do NOT inhale fumes! The list goes on.

Inside Pollution

Pollution inside the home can be caused by many different things. Pollution isn’t just from factories and cars. Besides the cleaners we use, pollution can come from our cooking stove, furnace, carpets, drapes, and even the wood.

Eco-Friendly homes = Better Health

Knowing how to make our home Eco-Friendly can also help us stay healthy. Keeping our homes Eco-Friendly, Clean from chemicals, can also help us to stay healthy.

Allergies and the Home

Many people today are allergies sufferers. This is confused with colds and the flu many times. The runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing and headaches are also signs of allergies.

Allergy Triggers

Dust, pet dander, mold, and dust mites are common allergy triggers in the home. Dust and Dust Mites, dusting every day, who has time for that. Pet danger, we don’t want to get rid of our lovable pets. They are like part of the family. Mold, sometimes mold is hard to notice. We can look inside our walls.

Allergy triggers could also be the items we have in our home. For example, drapes, carpet, bedding, clothes, and even the air fresheners we plug in or spray. Many things could trigger our allergies.

Child Proof

We take measures in child proofing our homes from dangers for our little ones. We put up gates, lock cabinet doors, and cover electric sockets. But have we forgotten to keep the toxin out of the home? Feeling secure that our children are safe is a big worry for parents. Understanding all the dangers and making inform choices on keep our family safe is something we all strive for.

Getting Informed

Want to get informed on how to keep our homes safe, and know all the dangers in our home?

Getting the proper information on how to make your home safe and secure will lead to better health for you and your family.

The Toxin-Free Home by Alison Haynes is a great guide to show you how to make your home Eco-Friendly and Healthy.

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