Let’s Talk, Sugar

“Let’s Talk, Sugar”

I think everyone has heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” This is correct in many ways. My one saying is, “If you keep eating junk, your body will turn to junk.” I was living proof of that. For years, I ate on the go all the time. Grabbing fast food on the way home from work was normal for me. I didn’t have the time to eat right, or to cook a good meal. My body was starting to show that. I was way over 200 pounds and very much out of shape. Let’s admit. I didn’t take care of myself. But a time came in my life where I realized how much weight I have gained. I saw a photo of myself at my son’s graduation party. My first reply was, Is that me? How did I gain so much weight? Yes, it does sneak up on you. That was my turning point. I started reading more on how to eat right and to exercise. I started applying this to my life. One of my biggest problems was Soda Pop. Yeah….SUGAR!


Soda Pop

I think my biggest first step was to cut out on soda pop. I drank a lot! I had no problem drinking a two litter of pop in a day’s time. Stop drinking pop was hard to do. The first thing I did was cut down on it. I replaced it with the only other thing I drank, Coffee, Black Coffee. I drank more coffee. Then I added more water and green tea. With time, I stopped drinking soda pop altogether. One day while I was out, I bought a soda pop. After the first drink, I couldn’t drink anymore. It tasted so sweet, too sweet! It was disgusting. To this day, I can’t drink soda pop. I can’t stand the taste. It’s way too sweet for me. And Diet Pop, that was out of the question for me, after hearing all the bad things about the artificial sweeteners they use in it.


Sugar Facts on Soda Pop

Soda pop container 16 1/2 teaspoons in one 16 once can or bottle. That’s a whopping 66 grams! The American Heart Association recommends 6 teaspoons, that’s 25 grams in a 2000 calorie diet for women, 9 teaspoons for men. So, only one can or bottle of soda pop has enough sugar to do us for almost 3 days. I was drinking in a day’s time what I should have been drinking in over a months time. And we wonder why there’s a problem with obesity in America today. This is only in the pop we drink. This doesn’t include candy bars and everything else they put sugar in.



We consume sugar in pretty much everything we eat. Making it a habit to read labels is something we all should do. But do we known what to look for? Manufactures now use different names for sugar. Is it to fool us?

Different names for sugar:


Corn Syrup

Invert sugar

High Fructose corn syrup

Words ending in “ose” – dextrose, glucose, lactose, maltose, sucrose, and fructose.

These are only a few. There are many names they used to cover up that it’s sugar.

Soda pop isn’t the only thing I stopped drinking. I thought I could switch pop with fruit juice. That should be better… I found out wrong on that.


Fruit Juice

Fruit juice, yeah, this should be good for me. Fruit is good. But watch out! I thought it was good for me until I read up on it. Most fruit juices you get is from concentrate. What’s that mean. It means they take the juice out of the fruit and then add water, added nutrients and sugar. What! Why don’t they just leave the juice instead of taking it and replacing it with water and sugar?

Fruit Juice contains sugar. Way too much sugar. I found the only way I will drink fruit juice is if I make it myself using real fruit. Isn’t real better than artificial? With real fruit, you get all the nutrient from that fruit. And the sugar is naturally made sugar from the fruit. It’s not added or artificial. My opinion, Real fruit is way better than concentrate any time.

Fruit Juice is a faster way of getting the nutrition you need. But come to think about it, Grabbing an apple (or any other fruit, like orange, peach, grapes, cherries) and eat as you head out the door is easier than juice. But that’s your decision, and my opinion.


Artificial Sugar

Grab some of those little packets of artificial sweeteners. They are better than sugar. NO THEY AREN’T! Studies are showing that these artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar itself. These sweeteners are leaked to cancer studies and problems with Diabetes. Since they have fewer calories, people think they can use more. With this, we are only adding to our own weight problem. To see more on these studies you can visit “Center for Science in the Public Interest”

Some names of Artificial Sweeteners to look for:

  • Saccharin
  • Aspartame
  • Sucralose
  • Xylitol
  • Sorbitol
  • Mannitol
  • Acesulfame Potassium

As I have noted above and I will do again… Every one needs to make a habit of reading labels on our foods.

Natural Sugars

If natural sugars safer? This is a good debate. Some say that if it’s natural then it should be good for you. But some say if it’s sugar period, it’s not.

Some natural sugars are honey, maple syrup, agave and molasses.


Honey, we all known, is made from bees. Honey in the raw, pure form has many health benefits. It can be used instead of sugar in many things. Yes, it is also has the calories too. Some people think honey is sweeter than sugar. This will allow you to eat less. And this is a good thing. I remember my parents using honey on their oatmeal instead of sugar.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is made from the sap from trees. Maple syrup is also sweeter than sugar. The calories are less than in honey. It also has many health benefits. Maple syrup is known for higher antioxidants.


Molasses is made when cane and beet sugar is processed. It has about the same amount of calories as sugar. And it also has health benefits, mainly when in the organic form. It has more nutritional value than white sugar.

Natural Sugar from Fruit

Sugars from fruit comes in the purest and rawest form. The sugars in fruit have much more benefits than what you would find in processed foods and store bought fruit juice. The fruit sugar effect your blood sugar levels in your body differently than regular white sugar. This is because the fiber in the fruit minimizes the sugar effects.

When eating your sugar from fruits, you also get the vitamin and mineral benefits from the fruit. Studies have shown that adding more fruit to your diet will also benefit you in weight loss, cancer prevention and improves your immune system.

Many fruits have the benefits to stop those crazy sugar cravings you have. The next time you are looking for something sweet, grab some fruit. Stop that sweet tooth with fruit.

Sugars in Fruits and Berries

  • Watermelon – 9.5 grams in one cup
  • Strawberries – 7.4 grams in one cup
  • Blackberries – 7 grams in one cup
  • Lime – 1.1 grams in one lime
  • Avocado – 0.7 grams in one avocado
  • Apple – 19 grams in medium apple
  • Peach – 13 grams in one peach
  • Orange – 12 grams in one orange

With the benefits you get from eating your fruits and berries, It is well worth it to get your sugar intake this way instead of with processed and refined sugars.

Which is better for you? An apple or a Candy Bar? Hands down… An Apple!

The choice you make will benefit your health or hurt it. The choice is YOURS!

Don’t let sugar take control of your health and well being. See how you can make a difference in your life without sugar. Here is a great book with some surprising facts about sugar and how you can break the habit. Pick up a copy today right here.Sugar Nation on Amazon











2 Replies to “Let’s Talk, Sugar”

  1. As someone who drinks to Cokes a day and drinks a lot of coffee with large amounts of sugar inside, its good to read such an article laying out why it’s not exactly good for me.

    But laying it out makes it easier to try to stop doing what I do.

    The info provided here is very helpful for me and helps understands what worse than others


    1. i use to drink at least a 2 liter of coke a day. But now, if I had a coke, it would taste too sweet. I haven’t drank coke in over 3 years. Black coffee and water and occasional tea is pretty much all I drink. Just cutting out my coke, I have lost a lot of weight and feel so much better. When I first started not drinking my coke, it was hard to do. I simply started cutting down until I didn’t have any at all. 

      I did a lot of reading and research on eating healthy. This helped me so much with my change. 

      Thank you for your comment. It is very much appreciated.

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