Is Your Home Sick

Is your home the reason why you are sick?

Yes, you read that right. Is your house making you sick?

The hidden toxins in your home may be threatening your life, your home, and your body. But how do you know what to look for? And how do you fix the problem?

We think our homes are clean and safe. Everything is in its place. We clean our floors, counters, and our windows. Making sure our clothes, bed sheets, and towels are clean. We take all the precautions to keep our kitchen counters clean while fixing our family meals.

We want our kids to be safe and healthy. Make sure they get their vegetables, their baths, and enough sleep. The same goes for your spouse and yourself.

But have you ever wondered… Are you sure they are getting the best? Are they really safe? You think, in your home, they should be safe there. But are they?


Most Polluted Place

The most polluted place is found to be in our own homes. YES! Not the busiest city or the biggest factory. But in our very own home. How can that be? Our homes are enclosed. We keep the doors and windows shut and locked for our own safety. But we are also keeping all the toxins in our home as well.


Breathe in Spring

In the spring, have you ever just opened the windows to let the fresh air in? The smell of spring after the long, cold winter Spring Aircan be so refreshing. It is also good for you. To finally breathe in some fresh air, it is regenerating. The fresh, clean air also raises your spirit as well.

The fresh air that blows into your home also cleans out all the stale air and locked up chemicals and dust from over the winter.


Toxins in your clothes/home

When washing our clothes and even our towels and bedding, we just assume they get clean. When we wash our things in chemical based cleaners, how much of those toxins are left in after the rinse cycle? More than you think.

Read the ingredients in your washing soap, fabric softener, and bleach. You will be amazed on what all is in them.

Let’s look at a few.

Polyethylene oxide or ethylene oxide – These chemicals are known as stabilizers. They are added to help the shelf life of a product. They are also know for lung irritation, eye irritation, and even for dermatitis.
Phosphates and EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid) – These chemicals are known to help the detergent to work better in hard water, and to keep dirt from going back into your clothes in the wash. These are not biodegradable. EDTA is known to be toxic in studies with animals.

Chlorine – Yes, Chlorine! Commonly known in Bleach. You maybe thinking, “But I clean with this. It’s a disinfectant!” But chlorine is very dangerous. Chlorine forms hypochlorious acid (HCIO) and hydrochloric acid (HCI) when in contact with moisture. Chlorine may also react to form an explosive compound, if combined with ether, natural gas, hydrogen, acetylene and even ammonia.

Chlorine is also known for pesticides. Yes, as a pesticide! Chlorine is used for many things. It is put into our drinking water and swimming pools.

Tap water with chlorine is something we use every day. Water is very beneficial to our health. How can we eliminate the chlorine in our drinking water? How can we make our tap water safer for our family? One way would be to use a filtering system.

There are many filtering systems on the market today. There are pitchers. These are great for drinking water. But if you need something that will work on your whole house, there are ones for that too. You can check out all the great filtering systems here on Amazon, check them out. Many to choose from to meet your needs.

To read more about Chlorine and the hazards:……

With all the side effects and dangers that come with Chlorine, wouldn’t you want to keep this out of your home? We wash our sheets with these chemicals. As we sleep, just imagine how close we are to our sheets. Imagine all those chemicals we breathe in at night while sleeping. It’s a scary thought.

These chemicals are known for many side effects when we breathe them in along with the contact to our skin. The fumes in bleach can cause respiratory issues. Irritation to your bronchial tubes and lungs with prolong exposure, and even asthma. Can cause eye irritation. And the contact to your skin can cause burns.

There are warnings on these products. But not too many people like to read all that so called fine print on the back. Next time you pick up a bottle of cleaner in the store, take a few minutes and read the dangers. The dangers that you will be bringing into your home.

Portable Gas Meter

Formaldehyde (Methanal) – It’s not just for funeral homes and science classrooms. Formaldehyde can be found in many things in our home. This can be found in flooring, upholstery, drapes, plywood and even some clothing.

Along with a smoke detector, play it safe with a formaldehyde tester as well. You can pick these up on Amazon as well.

Prolong exposure to formaldehyde can cause health issues. Some symptoms include headaches, burning eyes, joint pains, insomnia, mental confusion, depression, rashes, nausea and vomiting. This is also responsible for respiratory problems such as asthma and hoarseness. Formaldehyde is a cancer causing chemical.

Another thing formaldehyde is found in is air fresheners. Yes. We are adding more poison to the air we breathe. One great way to freshen the air we breathe without chemicals would be using the things found in our kitchen.


Cleaner Air

A few drops of vanilla in pan of boiling water. Or you can use just a teaspoon of cinnamon instead. This will leave your home smelling good without all the added chemicals. Ever walked into someones home after baking an apple pie? The ammonia is so warming. Try adding a little cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla to some boiling water. The smell will fill your home like you just made an apple pie.

Adding houseplants are another way to clean the air in our homes. They leave out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. Plus, they add beauty to the home. A decoration that helps clean the air.


Feeling Safer

When it comes to our homes, we should feel safe. Knowing what is in your home could help in being healthy. Take the steps to make your homes safer.

Reading the labels on the back of our cleaners, making better choices on what we bring into our homes, and knowing what things are made of could make a big difference in a healthy safe home or not. It may look clean, but is it?


Other Ways to Clean – Without Chemicals

Finding other ways to clean without using chemicals can be as easy as looking in your kitchen cabinets. Making better, safer choices will help keep your family safe. Cleaning with Baking Soda and Vinegar will be much safer than adding more chemicals in your home.

The one rule to cleaning in my home is… If I have to keep in away from children because it’s toxic than it does not come into my home! When the label reading cautions, dangers, hazards, warnings, toxic, and Keep Away From Children, take note on this. They are there for a reason. With too many dangers on the outside, we need to feel safe somewhere. Why not take the precautions to keep our homes safe as they can be.

Educating ourselves is the first step to being safe.










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    1. Thank you for the comment. I’m trying to cover everything. There is so much to learn about our bodies and how we treat it. Treating our bodies right will help keep us in tip top shape as we get older.
      Thanks again for your comment. It is very much appreciated.

  1. Hi I was very impressed with the amount of useful information which you have provided on your website about everyday products and things used in the home. It has definitely made me more aware of hazards, and I will return to the site to check on various measures as I take action at home to address these risks. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is very much appreciated.
      I believe in not only keeping my home safe but my family’s health too. Knowing what we put into our bodies and what we surround ourselves with is very important to our safety. And staying safe today will help us be stronger tomorrow.
      Thank you again for your wonderful comment

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