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How can we keep our homes clean as well as safe?

Keeping the home clean is a job in itself. But keeping it clean and healthy is something everyone would love. But with the chemicals in our cleaner nowadays, that’s pretty much impossible. Is there a safer way to keep our homes clean?

We can use the foods we eat to help keep our homes clean as well. Using home products like baking soda, banana peels, tea leaves, garlic and lemon juice can help us clean our homes with out all the dangerous chemicals that is found in cleaners. Many people already knows that vinegar is a great cleaner for the home. But do you know that baking soda, salt, olive oil, onions, and even beans could help in your housecleaning too? Yes, BEANS! Cant reach down inside a flower vase to clean the bottom, A few beans in the bottom with your cleaner and shake it around a bit. It will help get into the areas you cant reach.

Cooking and cleaning with the same products!

There are many tricks and tips we can use to help us on our housecleaning. Ones that will also keep us safe. Using common household products that we most likely already have. Tips and tricks that have been past down from grandmothers and great grandmothers. And many are still being used today. Just think back, they didn’t have all these cleaners you see in stores today 100 or even 50 years ago. They had to use what they had.

One little tip that I’ve used for many years is using vinegar to clean windows. This tip is one of the most commonly used. But do you know that vinegar is used in many ways? Vinegar makes a great pest repellent. Say good bye to those ants! Vinegar also helps to loosen rusty old screws and nuts. And it can also help make flaky pie crust too! Many different uses for vinegar. There’s even claims it helps in weight loss.

The money saved in using household products to help clean is a big reason itself to use them instead of the chemicals we buy in the stores. Just looking at the price of vinegar compared to window cleaner. This only is a big savings. The window cleaner in store are made up of mostly water. You paying for water to clean with?






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