Brain Foods for Mental Health

Pretty much everyone has heard, “Don’t eat before going to bed”, “Don’t eat processed foods”, “Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach”. “Eat your brain food”. Do these hold any truth to them? What is the meaning behind them? Have you ever heard the saying, ” You are what you eat” ? Now, this I do believe is true!
You Are What You Eat

What does this really mean? It’s not that if you eat a candy bar that you will turn into a candy bar. No! It does mean that what we eat, our bodies take the nutrients, good and bad, out of what we eat to help (or hurt) our bodies. A Diabetic should watch their sugar intake. A Person that is prone to colds often should eat more Vitamin C. People with troubled joints (inflammation), should eat more berries. A person overweight should watch their sugars and carbs.

Eating the right foods can also raise your spirits and make you feel happy. Have you heard that women love chocolate certain times of the month?

I, myself, have noticed that when I eat better and healthier foods, I feel better. Not just physically but also mentally. Eating healthier does play a huge part in your mental health as well.


Studies have shown that people with Vitamin D deficiency has a higher chance of depression. Foods like tuna and fatty fish, such as salmon have the most naturally producing Vitamin D. This is great to have a diet with fish, mainly when you are feeling down. Other foods such as milk and orange juice has Vitamin D added to them.

One of the most natural ways of getting Vitamin D is to get out in the sun. Five to Thirty minutes a few times a week and your body can produce its own Vitamin D. Have you noticed that being outside on a sunny day does raise your spirits? I remember my mother always telling me to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, and I would feel better. I guess that’s where the saying Mothers know best comes from.


Foods Help Depression

Foods that will help with your mood and depression are all so common in are every day.

Foods like:

  • Dark Leafy Greens
  • Apples
  • Beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Walnuts
  • Seeds
  • Berries
  • Fish

By adding these to your day’s menu, you can feel your mood change.


Boost Your Mind

The right foods and water are also great for the mind.YES, Brain Foods! Can foods actually help our brains work better? The nutrient we take into our bodies help us completely, from getting sick, losing weight, energy, and even with our focus and memory.

Have you even felt like you can’t concentrate on something, or its hard to remember the simple little things? Maybe its the food you are eating. Foods with high level of saturated fats, trans fats, sugar and sodium can cause inflammation in our brain.

But what foods can we eat to help boost our focus and memory?

Here a list of some foods that are great for the mind:




Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Walnuts and Almonds



Olive Oil

and YES… Dark Chocolate!



Spice Up Your Brain

Foods are a great way to boost your mind, but adding the right spice can also be helpful. Spices and herbs have been used for years to help with remedies and illnesses. They can play a great part in the brain as well. But what kinds of spices and herbs are good for the brain? Listed below is just a few common spices that will help with memory and focus.







But spicing up your food with a shake of these spices and herbs can add great benefits to your well-being.


The Right Foods for All Ages


With school age children and college students, It is best if they eat right for focus and memory. When they start the day off eating the right foods, they can ace those exams with ease. ( At least, We hope they are doing their studying )

The older we get, our memory starts to fade. Eating the right foods can also help with memory lose and even with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Studies are showing that the right foods could help prevent these as we get older. You can learn more about these diseases at

Wanting to get pregnant is the best time to start the little ones off on the right foot. Eating the right foods help our little one to be born healthy. But doesn’t stop there. Teaching the children as they grow that the right foods will help them to grow up strong and healthy is one of the best things we can teach our children. With so many fast foods and processed foods out there and our own work load getting tighter, its hard to fix the right foods. Remember this. The time it takes to go through a drive through is about the same amount of time it takes to run into a store and visit the product section.


The Brain that Drives Us

Our brain is the mastermind behind the rest of our body. The brain tells the rest of the body what to do and when to do it. Keeping our minds in tip-top shape will only benefit us in all of our tomorrows. When we are focused, life can be so much simpler. It doesn’t take much to keep our brain happy. The right foods and the right amount of water and our brain will help us through our lives.

Super charge your brain! See how you can keep your brain working in tip top shape. Here is a great book with great insight on how to do just that. Pick up a copy today and find out more on how you can super charge your brain. Doctor Neal D. Barnard, MD will give you a 3 step plan to protect your mind and also the strengthen your memory.Power Foods for the Brain on Amazon










6 Replies to “Brain Foods for Mental Health”

  1. This was a very interesting article. You are definitely what you eat.

    Coming from the Caribbean I know too well about the importance of Vitamin D. However, we often take sunshine for granted and many don’t even understand the benefits sunshine has on our body and our mental health.

    I also noticed you had tumeric included and I thnk it is one of the most potent and beneficial substances that Mother Earth has provided for us. This is one of my go to foods for overall health and well-being.

    Thanks for sharing this very useful and valuable article



    1. Thank you for your comment, Kevon.
      I use tumeric alot. It can be use in pretty much any dish. This is also my go to spice.
      Many people don’t realize that being out and enjoying the sunshine will benefit your health. Just a few minutes with the warm sun on your shine gives you a warm feeling down into the bones. That’s enough to raise your spirit.
      Thank you again for your comment. Very much appreciated.

  2. A very interesting article you have written here, I have often thought about how food can affect our brain! I tried a different diet for my son when he was diagnosed with ADHD, trying to get away from Ritalin as a remedy, and it worked! (Only had a hard time to get him away from the Chocolate!).
    I agree that our brain is the mastermind to our body, but it needs to be educated correctly, only then will our decisions about food be correct.
    Are you going to be writing more about brain foods? I’d love to read some more on this!
    Cheers – Orion

    1. Thank you for your comment, Orion.
      I understand were your son stands on chocolate. That was my weakness. I found that if I don’t keep it in the house, I don’t want it so badly. I do grab a Reese’s Cup every once in awhile. I use it for a reward. I know, I shouldn’t use food as a reward. But I don’t eat them often, maybe 3 times a year.
      Yes, I will be writing more on this subject. I find it very interesting how food plays a huge part in our well being. Thinking of food as a fuel for our body instead of a craving is a great way to change our eating habit.
      Thanks again. Very much appreciated.

  3. You are so right, We are what we eat and what is so amazing is the foods that do have an effect on us whether positive or negative. Therefore we should eat healthy at all times to maintain good help both mentally, physically and emotionally.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Norman.
      As I research more on how which food does what for our bodies, I can see how so many people are effected with so much illnesses today. If more people will take better care of to what they put into their mouths, we wouldn’t have all these health problems we have today.
      Taking the time to understand our body and how it reacts is very important to maintain a healthy life style.
      Thank you again for your comment. Very much appreciated.

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