About Brenda

Hello, My name is Brenda.

Pretty much all my life, I have been more into doing things naturally. I hated going to the doctors and I still do. So, I try my best not to go. Taking care of myself is one way. And taking care of my home is another. Living in a healthy home and keeping yourself healthy is a great way to stay away from the doctors.

I believe that God Almighty has put everything on this planet that we need.  The herbs, spices, plants, fruits, and vegetables are full of all the nutrition that our bodies need to be healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down the doctors and medical field in anyway. But I think if we can keep ourselves healthy, we don’t need them. And for our illnesses, I do believe we have everything we need with nature. There is also another benefit from nature. We also get our good tasting, healthy meal in the process of keeping our bodies healthy.

With most of the foods in the stores being processed with chemicals, it’s hard to eat right nowadays. My philosophy is; “If it contains more than one ingredient, don’t eat it.” With eating the fruits and vegetables, we can eat as much as we want. With processed foods, it seems like we are always hungry.

There was a time in my life when I was addicted to pop (soda pop). That just added to the weight problem I had. When I found out the sugar intake I a can of pop contained more than what my body needed in a days time, I was very shocked. I was drinking way more than one can a day. When I stopped drinking pop, I lost some weight and I also started feeling much better. I started having more energy and I didn’t feel so bloated from drinking all that sugar. Yes, at first I did carve it. It was the addiction to the sugar. But after some time, the carving stopped. One day, I decided to drink a can of pop, I couldn’t do it. The taste was soo sweet, it was sickening. To this day, it’s hard for me to even think about drinking another pop.

I found out that it don’t take much time for our bodies to start feeling better once we start eating right. I didn’t look at it as a diet. I looked at it as a change of lifestyle.. and for the better.

“Change of Lifestyle For the Better”

I dare you to take the challenge of “Change of Lifestyle for the Better” for just 30 days. And let me know if you start feeling better. It don’t need to be a total change. Just pick a couple things to change, and see what happens. At the end of the 30 days, I can see you changing a couple more things.

What will you change first? Cutting back on your sugar? Maybe cutting back on processed foods? Or how about, adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals or snack? Even just adding one fruit to your morning routine could be a change for the better.

Getting on the Road to Feeling Better

Let me know how things went on your challenge here ..